A Millennial's Guide To The Best Of Seoul

Jul 31, 2019

Flying over the Indian sky past midnight, sleep eludes me like a Manhattan bypasser on a Monday, and I find myself catching a glimpse of the horizon, a lingering bright cluster of clouds radiating morning sunshine meet my eyes and that's when I know I'm closer to the Incheon sky. Thereon, an hour's flying time, and I find myself in the land of K-Pop, South Korea. The land that gave the world idols like BTS, EXO, Big Bang among others. India too has been party of this culture.

Ticking a priority to-do of many netizens’ bucket list, the first thing I witness on day one in Seoul is the live taping of M Countdown, a leading South Korean music programme that airs once a week. Seeing the fandom up close featuring synchronised chants, squeals, fan merchandise and more, it’s safe to say that music pop culture is the definite “It” thing in Korea, and it’s no surprise that it has been the pioneer factor that brought the Korean wave to India.

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