Korea Busan Gets Ready for Christmas

Nov 26, 2019

Busan’s streets are lighting up with colorful lights in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season.

The streets of Gwangbok-ro are currently hosting the 11th annual Busan Christmas Tree Festival, scheduled to take place until January 5, 2020. Busan Christmas Tree Festival displays a variety of LED lights and hosts diverse performances to set the mood for the upcoming holiday season. In particular, this year’s festival focuses on celebrating the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit. The event venue is divided into three sections: Gwangbok-ro entrance, Busan Modern History Museum, and Changseon Commercial Building entrance.

Leaflets in English as well as English, Japanese, and Chinese interpreters are available at the event office for foreigners.

Another festival lighting up Busan is the Haeundae Light Festival. Haeundae Light Festival will take place until January 27, 2020. Haeundae Light Festival takes place at the Culture Plaza along Gunam-ro Street in front of Haeundae Beach. In addition to the festive LED lights adorning the streets, diverse events will take place, including the National Carol Contest, 100 Santa Claus Event, and hanging a wish card on a wish tree.

The festival’s highlight event is the music light show at Haeundae’s landmark LCT Tower and a celebratory event welcoming the member states of ASEAN to Busan.

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