Korea Precaution when Arriving in Korea with Animal Products

Jun 12, 2019

Starting June 1, 2019, travelers arriving into Korea without declaring items subject to quarantine such as animals, livestock, and animal products can be fined up to 10 million won. Since the spread of African Swine Fever in nearby countries, the maximum fine has been raised from 1 million won to 10 million won in order to prevent the disease from entering Korea.

According to the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, travelers from countries affected by African Swine Fever, such as, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and more, must declare pork and related livestock products. If caught without declaring, the first fine is 5 million won, the second fine is 7.5 million won, and the third fine is 10 million won. For those who are caught without declaring other animal products such as beef, lamb meat, poultry meat and more, the first fine is 1 million won, the second fine is 3 million won, and the third fine is 5 million won.

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