Korea Seoul Lantern Festival to Adorn Cheonggyecheon Stream with Lights

Oct 29, 2019

Cheonggyecheon Stream will be adorned with beautiful lights during the upcoming Seoul Lantern Festival from November 1 to 17. The annual Seoul Lantern Festival takes place every November, decorating the street along Cheonggyecheon Stream with unique lanterns based on the year’s theme.

This year, the Cheonggyecheon area has been divided into four sections with each section decorated according to a different theme. Following this year’s catchphrase “Your Seoul, Light through Dream,” the sections are divided into Cheonggye Plaza, Cheonggye Fountain-Gwangtonggyo Bridge, Gwangtonggyo Bridge-Jangtonggyo Bridge, and Jangtonggyo Bridge to Supogyo Bridge, each decorated with themes “Seoul, Your Fairytale,” “Seoul, Find Your Fairytale,” “Seoul, Old Tales Come Alive,” and “Seoul, Our Fairytale Land” respectively.

Hands-on activities are also available during the event period such as floating a wish lantern, making a paper lantern, and making a bokjumeoni (good luck pouch) hand lantern.

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