Korean group IN2IT: We are impressed and happy that music has no barrier

Apr 17, 2019

For 23-year-old Lee In-pyo, the karaoke room in South Korea was where it all began. "I used to love to go for karaoke with my family. So, I decided to be a singer because of it. I loved singing karaoke," he said.

Cut to 2019, Inpyo is now the leader of a six-member Korean group called IN2IT, and has a mini album (Carpe Diem) plus multiple hit singles credited to the K-Pop group's name. To add to it, IN2IT - which also consists of Jiahn (Yoo Ji Ahn), Yeontae (Jeong Yeon-tae), Inho (Hwang In-ho), Hyunuk (Han Hyun-uk) and Isaac (Isaac Voo) - has already performed in various parts of the globe, including Los Angeles, Singapore and Japan, and India is now the latest addition to the list.

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