LOTTE WORLD TOWER & MALL Presents “Love in Action Starry Night”

Nov 13, 2019

LOTTE WORLD TOWER & MALL is celebrating the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays with a multi-media light display “Love in Action Starry Night.” Tens of thousands of splendid LED lights decorate the tower and mall, creating a cozy and romantic Christmas atmosphere. The decorations are designed in different themes and can be observed from the Arena Plaza until December 31, 2019.

Among the many decorations, the 14-meter-high digital Christmas tree is sure to stand out the most. Visitors can light up the Christmas tree for a small donation of 1,000 won using a Tmoney card; all donated funds will be forwarded to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Another highlight of the event is the Christmas Multi-media Show that takes place every 15 minutes, projected onto the walls of LOTTE WORLD TOWER & MALL.

Visitors can engage in other activities by touring themed igloos at the Arena Plaza: Swarovski Crystal Igloo, SKT 5GX Boost Park Igloo, and Hermoso Igloo. The Swarovski Crystal Igloo’s interior is designed to reproduce a starry night sky as seen from the North Pole using crystals, while the SKT 5GX Boost Park Igloo offers an opportunity to experience VR & AR that implements the latest 5G technology. Lastly, the Hermoso Igloo features the latest K-beauty trends.

Visitors can get more information about the event on-site at the ticket booth on B1 floor of LOTTE WORLD MALL.